Recovery Truck Hire

Recovery Truck Hire

you Know Why Recovery Truck Hire Is A Wise Choice Over Towing And Avoid the Dangers of Towing?

There are many reasons for not using towing services for your vehicle, with one being that there are better options than this. Before towing a car, you should consider the following.

To start with, if you want to tow a car or another vehicle, you are going to need the correct equipment, which can be an unwanted and costly outlay, especially if it is rare that you need to transport vehicles. When you aren’t towing, you will also need large storage space to keep the equipment, whether taking up outside space at your house or renting storage elsewhere.

Another reason to consider when towing, your visibility is likely to be impaired, dependent on the length and height of the vehicle. It is also worth considering that your acceleration will be slower than usual. You will likely be in a broader and longer unit than you are used to, so you must be aware of this when on the road.

Cornering will require wider turns, so to avoid hitting curbs, you must corner more slowly than usual to prevent mishaps. Your equipment will also impact how easy it is to maneuver.

The additional mass when towing will make braking distances longer than when you usually are driving. It will create more pressure on the brakes of your existing vehicle. There is also a risk of jack knifing when towing a trailer or vehicle along the road.

Many vehicles are designed for towing, and while trailers are available to fit almost any car, SUV, or 4×4, it will likely damage most of them. Damage is more likely to happen if the vehicle is not built for towing, engine, gears, and suspension. Renting a vehicle designed to tow or transport heavy loads, such as a car transporter from our fleet, is better.

How much is it to hire a recovery truck?

Here at UK Recovery LTD, we have large tilt and slide recovery trucks and smaller beavertails, so the cost to hire a recovery truck will vary depending on your requirements. Not only will the cost be impacted by the duration of the hire, but our team will be there to discuss this with you.

Self-drive recovery truck hire also means you will not need to pay a driver, as you can transport your load yourself.

Hire our Recovery Trucks for the Best and most Convenient Experience.

At UK RECOVERY LTD, clients who make use of our recovery truck hire, we assist them with various recovery truck requirements. For many of these customers, it is imperative that they can back on the road as often their livelihood depends on the vehicle.

We also help individual clients who occasionally need to move a motor vehicle. Perhaps they bought or sold a car privately and must move it from one place to another, or they must transport a vehicle to a specialist garage for repairs. We even help those who attend car shows with their vehicle safely transport their pride and joy.

Here is why choosing UK Recovery Ltd for your recovery truck hire needs is a decision you can trust:

  1. Extensive Fleet of Recovery Trucks
  2. Experienced and Professional Team
  3. Prompt Response and 24/7 Availability
  4. Nationwide Coverage
  5. Competitive Pricing and Transparent Service
  6. Exceptional Customer Service
  7. Reliable Recovery Truck Hire

All vehicles are new or less than three years old, in white, and are unsigned, complete with winches, rotating warning lights, and bed straps. You can hire for long or short periods. We can discount our normal recovery vehicle rental rates for longer rentals. We have many happy customers we have hired for our recovery trucks. We will gladly give you their contact details if you want to ask about anything.

Most Hired Vehicles For Recovery Truck Hire At UK RECOVERY LTD

UK RECOVERY LTD has multiple trucks for hire; some include a 4.5t truck and a 3.5t truck, and others are available for hire. Our all-aluminum recovery trucks are high specification, with our MAD Air Suspension fitted as standard. With our full-width folding ramps, low sports cars can be easily loaded. All of our trucks are constructed from Aluminium, allowing maximum payload. Some of the specifications of our most hired vehicles for Recovery Truck Hire are as follows:

1. 3.5t Beavertail Single Recovery Truck

A recovery truck of 3.5t from UK Recovery LTD is suitable for transporting a single car. A 3.5t truck is hassle-free as no HGV license is required. They are also often more economical than the 7.5t recovery truck as they are more fuel efficient.

2. 4.5t Recovery Truck Hire

We also have 4.5t recovery trucks to rent for slightly larger jobs. These have many benefits, of the 3.5t trucks having a big trailer payload and fuel efficiency of 3.5t trucks while carrying larger vehicles such as 4x4s.

Our Fleet Also Includes the following:

  1. 7.5t Slidebed Recovery Truck
  2. 7.5t Super Low Slider Recovery Truck
  3. 7.5t Twin Deck 2 Recovery Truck
  4. 12t Slidebed Recovery Truck
  5. 12t Twin Deck 2 Recovery Truck
  6. 12t Super Low Slider Recovery Truck

Contact Us:

If you want to hire a recovery truck from one of our vehicles or try it before buying, or in case of any questions about our services, you can contact us. Call us at 07931-110-201 or via the “Recovery Van near me” page provided. You can also check our Facebook page.


To conclude, choose UK Recovery Ltd for reliable and efficient recovery truck hire services. Recovery Truck Hire is a much more suitable and cheap option than towing. With our best quality fleet of recovery vehicles, our company is committed to excellence; you can trust us to handle your vehicle recovery needs with professionalism, reliability, and care.

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