Heavy Vehicle Recovery

Heavy Vehicle Recovery

When restoring, towing, or securing broken or damaged trucks and buses, it comes down to working quickly and safely. UK Recovery is a Dutch company that uses its ten years of experience in heavy vehicle recovery work to develop unique recovery vehicles for medium and heavy recovery. That’s why UK Recovery only works with the best construction and lifting installations.

Rock solid installations, proven long life.

UK Recovery makes four standard models of recovery vehicles. For chassis, we work with all common brands. Do you want to stay loyal to your local dealer? If desired, we can also build on the chassis provided. For recovery vehicle construction, we choose recovery installations from Industries. This well-established, publicly traded American company undoubtedly offers the best superstructure in the world. It has to do with intelligent, modern technology and the choice of high-quality steel, which is lightweight. These high-quality installations are proven to have a long lifespan.

Innovative choices for Heavy Vehicle Recovery

A feature of the industry’s superstructure is the choice of power tilt at the top of the installation. This has the advantage that this installation is structurally stronger than an installation with a power tilt at the bottom, as with many European models. An added benefit is that driving with the fork partially retracted is possible, which means less breakage. Custom steel cabinets offer ample storage space for all types of tools. We equip these cabinets with a universal hanging system so you can completely store your survival gear however you want.

Suitable for medium and Heavy Vehicle Recovery

UK Recovery Service vehicles are suitable for medium and heavy recovery anywhere in the world. The range includes three models for the recovery of trucks and buses. The UK Recovery is particularly ideal for the light-duty recovery of passenger cars. UK Recovery strives always to have some new recovery vehicles in stock.

Works carried out by Dutch professionals

UK Recovery is a Dutch service. UK Recovery only employs professional mechanics. People who also practice vehicle recovery. They know how urgent it is to work safely and understand better than anyone where UK Recovery can offer added value. Our combination of experience in roadside recovery and the industry’s rock-solid techniques is prized at every UK recovery.

Light & Heavy Vehicle Recovery

We specialize in light and heavy vehicle recovery across Scotland, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with our extensive range of recovery vehicles. We can also handle recovery throughout the UK and Europe with our partnerships with other recovery companies across the UK. This removes the customer’s headache, meaning only one phone call needs to be made. When required, we have expanded the fleet and our multi-deck transporters to allow multiple uplifts of 5-9 cars.

Why Choose Us?

Are you looking for a workshop that offers recovery services for heavy-duty vehicles? End your search and contact us – UK Recovery. We offer an affordable and time-saving heavy vehicle recovery service in Manchester using the best equipment in the industry. If needed, our vehicle recovery experts will safely tow your truck or trailer to the nearest workshop of your choice. Moreover, our prices are very reasonable and can help you save. So, if you are stuck anywhere on the road due to technical problems with your truck, contact us immediately. Our vehicle recovery experts are available 24/7 at your service.

1. About our heavy vehicle recovery service

We handle almost any malfunction issues, such as: Brake failure Tire puncture Clutch problems Battery failure. Engine failure etc.

2. Why trust us?

  1. We can recover almost any heavy-duty and commercial vehicle, like trucks, coaches, and buses, with utmost ease.
  2. We provide computer-aided dispatch to assist with our breakdown recovery.
  3. We also carry tires and batteries for every truck make and model if you need a replacement.
  4. For more information, or if you need urgent help, please contact us now by calling 07931-110-201.

3. Professional and Fully Equipped

All UK recovery rescue teams are fully insured, well-equipped, and trained to the highest standards. UK recovery rescue is equipped to fully recover all types of heavy goods vehicles—including trucks, coaches, specialty vehicles, plant and machinery vehicles, and more.

Regardless of size, weight, or location, our expert fleet of transporters, trailers, and heavy lifters is ready to assist you when needed.

4. How to Contact Us?

Are you a traveler and our car might be needed for recovery, so don’t worry. UK Recovery is here to provide you with the best services. If you want to visit our services, then we also have a social media account on Facebook. And we are providing our services in Car Recovery Swansea


Heavy vehicle towing is an essential part of keeping our roads safe. When a heavy vehicle breaks down or gets stuck, it can pose a serious traffic hazard. Our heavy tow recovery services help remove the vehicle quickly and safely, preventing accidents and minimizing disruptions. Once recovered if the heavy vehicle cannot be towed by these units we have prime movers and trailer tilt trays to ensure the vehicle is towed safely. Once recovered if the heavy vehicle is unable to be towed by these units we have a fleet of Prime Mover and Trailer tilt trays to ensure the vehicle is towed safely. Heavy truck towing service in South East Queensland. All our tow truck operators are fully trained and have years of experience in truck recovery and heavy duty towing. If you need accident towing for any type of heavy vehicle, give us a call, and we’ll be there to help.

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